How to use your SaleFX LeadBox to Automatically Import Leads

Every SaleFX user account comes with a LeadBox email address that you can use with third party lead providers to automatically funnel leads into your SaleFX CRM. You can capture leads via email using our short format, or using the specifications from

Things to note:

  • The short format involves editing the email notifications your software sends
  • The short format has limited field options

How to Use the LeadBox Email Parser #

  1. Add your SaleFX email as a lead receiving email from the source you are trying to integrate.
  2. Ensure your notification format follows the formatting listed below.
  3. Test to ensure proper parsing of lead notifications.

Short Format Lead Parsing Fields #

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Advanced Format Lead Parsing #

SaleFX email parser is also setup to read Lead Meta Data. is a growing industry standard that many lead providers are now using to embed lead data, within human readable emails.


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