The companion designed for the real estate industry

SaleFX was designed by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals. SaleFX features the tools, and automation you need to maximize productivity where it counts; closing more real estate deals.


Manage your leads and contacts efficiently. SaleFX is built with multiple lead management views to allow you the choice to use what works best for you.


With 2-way email sync, you can manage your leads and now their communication on the go. Integrated email scheduling, and templating makes communication even easier.


With advanced reporting you can analyze your teams key metrics when it matters most. Build reports and analyze virtually every aspect of your teams CRM use.

Set yourself up for confirmed success

Manage your leads, your way. With custom lead tracks and custom client fields, you can build a lead track that works for you and your business.

360 Degree View

Easily get a 360 degree view of your business and teams.

Track Key Metrics

Track key performance metrics that are essential to business growth.

Increase Conversions

Our average client sees a 300% increase in lead conversion rates.

Fully Mobile

With mobile apps, you can take your business with you everywhere and work on your time.

Automate your workflows efficiently.

Our easy to use automation builder makes automating your day to day easy. Need to send new leads an email? Automate it. Need to schedule follow up calls? Automate it. Our builder-style automation tool makes it possible to have endless automations.

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