Email Manager

The SaleFX Email Manager is where you can manage your email inbox(s) within the SaleFX platform, manage email templates, and also email sequences.


Accessing your Inbox(s) #

By default, when you select the Email Manager option you will be taken to your email inbox. There is an option to select which account to access, and you can have multiple email accounts linked.  This will resemble any email client you may be familiar with, such as Outlook, or even web-based Gmail.  Here, you can fully manage your email including composing messages, reading and replying to mail.


Email Templates #

Email templates are an essential feature to help you maximize your productivity. With email templates, you can save template files of emails that you send commonly to save time! You also have the option to insert parameters within the body of the email, which gives the email a custom feel opposed to a templated feel.

Templates are a great way to automate one aspect of your lead follow-up.

Once you have an email template created, you can then use it all throughout SaleFX. Email templates can be used in automatic email outreach, or manual outreach! Email templates are also required to be created in order to use Email Sequences.

Email Sequences #

Email sequences allow you to create a sequential set of email(s), also known as an email drip campaign to help you stay in front of your prospects.  You are able define the emails you want to send, as well as the timing or frequency of which they are sent.

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