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SaleFX CRM is the ultimate companion for real estate and mortgage professionals. With endless custom automation, and an easy to navigate dashboard, we invite you to see why SaleFX is the best rated CRM of 2021.

Features to free up your time

Easy Lead Management

Our easy to use mobile app, and drag and drop web interface make SaleFX as user friendly as possible.

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Email Integration

Integrate email from any provider, and automatically link communication with your leads within SaleFx.

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Custom Automation

Automate everything from emails, follow up, scheduling and more with our easy to use automation builder.

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Manage on the Go

Our full feature mobile app is the perfect companion to SaleFX to manage your pipeline on the go.

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Advanced Reporting

Dive into performance metrics and KPI’s to better understand where you can improve your sales process.

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Endless Integrations

Automatically funnel leads from over 200+ providers into your SaleFX crm using your Leadmail address.

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Your Pipeline, Your Way.

Manage every aspect of your sales pipeline, from custom fields to lead stages.  With our easy to use, drag and drop pipeline, effectively managing your sales funnel will be easier then ever before.

Get the most out of every lead

With the SaleFX automation engine you can create infinite rules to automate as much of your pipeline management as possible. You can automatically send emails, schedule follow up activities, create notes, update lead status’s, and much more!

Used by over 10,000 professionals in 13 countries

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